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      <span style=”font-weight: 400;”>In what ways do we create a sense of community, considering that Queens College is a commuter school and we only meet twice a week? </span>


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      Kiara Marte

      A community is composed by a diverse group of individuals with differing ideas and personalities. I think that if we took time to create a space in which all ideas are considered valid, we would be able to have a starting step in creating a sense of community. If we could shift the idea of being individual students to seeing ourselves as a collective whole, and that we each play a valuable role in the learning process within ENGL 130, we could be on the right track. To me, a community means being able to support one another in a way that guarantees the success of each person, and no individual is left behind. I think a lot of the burden lies with the professor on creating the space for us to feel welcomed, then in return the students will feel comfortable enough to lead.

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      Bo Pang

      We can create a sense of community by connecting to each other even if we share different lifestyles and beliefs. For example, people can create a sense of community in their classroom where they are able to connect and communicate with their peers or professors. People can also create a community during study groups or in clubs. I see community as a place where everyone can communicate and connect with other people in a safe environment. A safe environment is necessary for people to feel apart of a community otherwise they feel that their voice or presence isn’t valued.

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      <span style=”font-weight: 400;”>I think that a community is about making everyone feel welcomed where no one gets left out. Every person is unique and different so when we come together we can associate it with the feeling of home. I think that if students don’t encourage others to be part of a group then the concept of a community in a way falls apart. Which is why it is important to encourage students to be involved by communicating with one another so that their voices can be heard. Although we meet twice a week it is important to understand one another and if we see someone who is struggling to help them out that way everyone can be on the same page.</span>

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      I think a community should be safe space where all people are welcomed and feel welcomed. It is important for us to be respectful and understanding of our peers  in order to create an atmosphere where people feel comfortable to be themselves and express their ideas and opinions. Along with being respectful we must also be friendly and communicative towards our peers and willing to lend a helping a hand or offer support if they are struggling. I believe that if we follow these standards we can ensure everyones voice is heard and no one is left behind as well as foster a sense of community in the class.

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      Omar Gawish

      I believe that a community is or should be a place where a person believes like they belong to and feel like they are welcomed into. In order to have a good community there has to be support, respect and understanding between people in order to create an environment where people do not feel like they are not welcomed. Queens College being the commuter school that it is, I believe study groups or clubs are both great ways to create a sense of a community.

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      Gabriel Vega

      We can create a sense of community by making every single individual that belongs to the community  feel that they are in a safe and accepting place. Pushing them to fight their weaknesses but also to embrace their strengths, and by making sure that the all of us are aware that we are stronger together and there is always something new that we can learn from one another, and by maintaining this basic principles, twice a week is enough to fully connect and learn from each other.

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