Course Schedule

Week 4 2/18 Discussion  Reading: Lynn Worsham, “Moving Beyond the Logic of Sacrifice” (19-31). 2/19 Discussion; in-class writing Reading: Gwyneth Jones, “The Universe of Things.”  Due: Rough draft of Essay I Thesis; irony; using a theoretical lens.
Week 5 2/25 Discussion  Reading: Lynn Worsham, “Moving Beyond the Logic of Sacrifice” (32-44).  Due: Discussion board 2/27 Discussion; in-class writing §  Donna Haraway, “Women in the Integrated Circuit;” Bhanu Kapil, short selection from Humanimal.  Due: Professional Draft of Essay I 
Week 6 3/3 Discussion Reading:Bhanu Kapil, from Humanimal Due: Graphic response  3/5 Discussion; in-class writing.
Week 7 3/10  “Women in the Integrated Circuit”  “Cyborg: Myth of Political Identity”  Homework: Graphic response 3/12  Excerpt from “Walking Among the Comrades” and handout from Buddhism in America Homework: Discussion board topics will be drafted in/as a class.  Introduction to critical cyborg history and the influence of materialism.
Week 8 3/17 Christopher Marlowe, The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus Scenes 1-6 British Library, An Introduction to Doctor Faustus.      Due Monday 11:59 pm: 2 pg. informal response en route to Essay II 3/19 British Library, Key Features of Renaissance Culture Brainstorm Form: literary terms II Reading: Christopher Marlowe, Dr. Faustus, scenes 7-final chorus)
Week 9 3/24 Reading Due: Humanism Questioned (p. 385-391) (see here for a quick synopsis of Marlowe’s Tamburlaine) And, Hans Moravec, “Pigs in Cyberspace”   Due Monday 11:59pm: Full draft   3/26   Reading due: Cleanth Brooks, “Structure and Genre in Doctor Faustus Establishing motive; making use of theory.
Week 10 3/31 Effective Library Research Workshop, Discussion. Reading: Void Star (Chapters 1-9) Due: Professional Draft of Essay II 4/2; Introduction to the Annotated Bibliography; discussion. Reading: Void Star (Chapters 10-13) Research, functions of sources, using an interpretive lens,
Week 11 4/7  NO CLASS (Wed. schedule) Due: CRAB entry 4/9 NO CLASS Spring Recess
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