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The Lives of Animals by J.M Coetzee

5 days ago

600 words

The Lives of Animals written by J.M. Coetzee is  discusses the bases and the ethics of social morality, in this case, in regard to the mistreatment of certain individuals or species that lack of either physical, racial, religious or genetic resemblance to certain groups on which the power lays, leading to violence. Coetzee aims to…

*link fixed!*Revised Grading Contract

1 week ago

242 words

Here is the link for the revised grading contract that you will sign via Google Forms. The Google account here is a Queens-specific account, contracted by the college, and will not collect or use information or data about you for commercial purposes. Here is the link for your print copy of the grading contract.…

Reading for Feb. 11 Class

1 week ago

350 words

We are reading “The Philosophers and the Animals,” one of the Tanner Lectures of 1997-1998 collected in The Lives of Animals, by J.M. Coetzee. It is available on the resources page and can be accessed, if password-protected, using the password on the course syllabus. Coetzee’s lectures are in the form of fiction, and they feature…


2 weeks ago

346 words

At first glance, the poem seems to begin by discussing the severity of Hurricane Katrina as “weather is nothing until it reaches skin,” from the point of view of an individual and the effects of the horrible storm on that individual. However, after deep reading, as the author implies, this “rudderless woman” is Hurricane Katrina.…

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