Reading for Next Week

Dear Students,

Hurray! We are almost finished with the first unit of the class, on close reading. I really enjoyed reading all of your essays. It is a pleasure to see your thoughts develop when thinking about these poems, especially those of you who made substantial changes between your predrafts and formal drafts. I can’t wait to see how things develop as you establish and/or revise your thesis statements and organize your paragraphs around explaining and arguing your theses. If you have not received comments from me for your formal draft, check your other emails addresses and write me if you still do not see them. If you have not received feedback on your draft because I don’t have your draft, you are failing my class until I get your essay. All drafts of all essays are required to pass the class, and I will not accept missing essays at the end of the semester, but the good news is that these essays are not hard to write if you take it step by step in the way I have explained in the assignments for the predraft and formal draft.

Reading: Humanimal is online in the resources page (remember the password is different there, and it is on the course syllabus in case you forget). Read “Humanimal 2,” pages 9-35 (the type is large and it will go fast). I have included the introduction and Humanimal 1 for those who want more context to Humanimal 2.