Essay 1 PreDraft Assignment

Essay One: Close Reading of a Poem

Essay Goals Overview: In your essay, you will identify an interpretive problem in one of the poems we have examined in class, and you will develop a thesis that addresses that problem. Use one of the literary terms that we covered in class as a key term to analyze the text, supporting your thesis with close reading (3-4 pages).

Pre-draft assignment:

Paragraphs 1-3: Introduce the poem, describe what the poem is about, and quote a short passage from the poem whose meaning and significance is unclear to you. Establish a question that identifies exactly how and where this writer loses you. Refer to the text to show what you mean.

Paragraphs 3-4: Situate the passage by summarizing the poem as a whole and the general meaning or theme upon which the poem seems to reflect.

Paragraphs 4-6: Make at least two reasonable guesses about the meaning of the lines you quote. In which moments do your guesses seem plausible, and what questions remain unclear?

Due: Friday, February 14 at 11:59 p.m. by Dropbox upload using this address: https://www.dropbox.com/request/yXXZ6R0Iszvh6mvYOsQY

Include your name [first initial.lastname] and the assignment [E1PreDraft] in the file name.